Monday, 27 January 2014

Know A Bit About The Drivers Before You Travel With Them

The people who have  never been to  a country in which they are trying to hire a taxi are in a big trouble sometimes. You never know in what mood a shuttle driver  has come to the airport. The shuttle drivers dare ,although, well educated and the  very professional; one can’t deny any  cases of theft and  looting .

Especially when they thought of hiring a taxi at night.  The first thing is to  take the taxi driver to the counter where they are supposed to get a receipt from the airport authority  for their ride to the destination.  The local authority notes down   the details of  their vehicle so that  the driver won’t  think of doing some mischief on the way.

Gatwick airport taxi service  providers that serve the airport day and night.
The problem of the people coming from the other countries is- that they find it disappointing  that  Gatwick airport has no rail terminus  near  it. People who can’t afford to hire Gatwick airport transfer  have to take a long stroll to the nearby bus stop. 


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